Vanessa Loibl



Power Play


This project explores the various power dynamics that could take place in a heterosexual relationship. As patriarchy still predominantly dictates the power relations between men and women, these issues present themselves through gendered performances. My aim is to visualise and question these with the use of the female gaze, and to provide a new perspective on the portrayal of heterosexual relationships. By representing and at the same time examining my own relationship with my partner, we have developed three different exercises
together in order to communicate the presence of trust, competitiveness, and possible dominance in our relationship. They are meant to be playful and serious at the same time while trying to find the balance between male and female energy. The flow of the moving image piece and the perception of time passing help to bring the atmosphere of power dynamics alive. I am in charge of the artistic process, thus reclaiming the female gaze.

Still 1 from Power Play

Still 2 from Power Play

Still 3 from Power Play