Vanessa Loibl



Gender Render

This project is challenging the ways in which gender is performed in the domestic space. As women have been the ones being portrayed/ represented getting the house chores done, I wanted to interrogate this idea by creating absurd and sometimes humorous situations with the help of my boyfriend. By reversing the roles of different tasks I wanted to raise questions about these gendered performances.
Greatly influenced by John Berger’s quote from Ways of Seeing, “men act, women appear”, this project could confirm the above statement, however, I tried to create a different power relation by being the one who took the images and made my boyfriend perform in front of the camera with the household objects. Using humour throughout the whole body of work eases the communication between people in conflict and makes this difficult conversation about gender roles less complicated. Moreover, it can point out problems in our modern world and make us think deeper about social issues.